what a wonderful worl
Children are a Blessing


wow this is a pretty good fic

pairings: dave x jade, john x rose

warnings: none i believe!

Negative Space

beep boop

i thought this was an interesting concept!

pairings: sollux x ghost!aradia possessing karkats body

warnings: none i think?

Bro: Freak Out?

wowee zowee

this is well executed and still ongoing i believe

pairing: dave x rose

warnings: just incest!

Darts of Pleasure

woah boy getting steamy

this is a p good fic indeed

pairing: karkat x terezi

warnings: some bdsm action and general sex junk definately nsfw

A Rioters Suffering

there are several links to this one with short continuations starting here, and continuations (in order) here and here

parings: im fairly sure there are none yet there might be, i know the sufferer/rioter is moirails with twinhorn/the psiionic so thats pretty much it i may be wrong though

warnings: some gore, cussing, and im pretty sure theres nothing that will be very nsfw 

so im actually being active, big shocker
my dearest apologies if i repost anything while searching for material because for real i havent done this in a bit i lost my place in the threads 

ok my bad ill get off my ass and actually try to do shit 

also ill make the tag page better

its about time i update! sorry ive been grounded and inactive for like a month or something 

anyway lets find some good fics

Bloody Mirth



pairing: Gamzee x Karkat

warnings: nsfw and most likely violence type things?? 

this is a rlly good fic

stream over!


the stream ended!!!!! there were 2 people i chilled with for about an hour and played barbie games and fucking qwop and there is only one level and ended with a whopping bad fanfic read

what a great time i had alot of fun thanks for the 252 followers guys ilu all next big follower thingy like this will probably be around 300 followers!