what a wonderful worl

ill also accept submissions on recommended writers as well and that will be in its own tag so !! yeah

another full blown recommended writer

yea thats right

i have also read and enjoyed every single fic that capriciouspancake has made too go check em out 

there is a lot of stridercest (particularly alpha unless its sadstuck) johnkat, and other little tidbits thrown in there that are all pretty fantastic
so have at it bros

Broadcaste System

boom roasted

ok i lied i have some material to give right now

this fic is awesome i fell in love with it after i read the thing cause davetav is one of my otps im very partial to it yes but without any bias it is very well written and an awesome prompt (the musics good too, yeah THATS RIGHT, MUSIC)

pairings: dave x tavros 

warnings: nsfw is it from what i remember 

but tbh ill just go ahead and provide to you everything by the lovely PCrabapple on archiveofyourown  (also the author of big heavy if you liked that one) because all their hs fics are basically awesome, ive read pretty much all of them almost and i am eagerly awaiting for updates on a few of em 

hi oops 

im sorry ive been gone wow im not even sure whats happening w my life anymore im sorry for being so inactive here im still 100% on board with updating the shit out of my precious blog because i love all 174 of you who has stayed here since the beginning

ill keep this up for you

this summer ill work on updating the blog more, having a queue ect

i love yall and i hope your lookin forward to some updates from the good old ghf you know and love

(but not right away i have finals and shit for school sorry yo)

Children are a Blessing


wow this is a pretty good fic

pairings: dave x jade, john x rose

warnings: none i believe!

Negative Space

beep boop

i thought this was an interesting concept!

pairings: sollux x ghost!aradia possessing karkats body

warnings: none i think?

Bro: Freak Out?

wowee zowee

this is well executed and still ongoing i believe

pairing: dave x rose

warnings: just incest!

Darts of Pleasure

woah boy getting steamy

this is a p good fic indeed

pairing: karkat x terezi

warnings: some bdsm action and general sex junk definately nsfw

A Rioters Suffering

there are several links to this one with short continuations starting here, and continuations (in order) here and here

parings: im fairly sure there are none yet there might be, i know the sufferer/rioter is moirails with twinhorn/the psiionic so thats pretty much it i may be wrong though

warnings: some gore, cussing, and im pretty sure theres nothing that will be very nsfw 

so im actually being active, big shocker
my dearest apologies if i repost anything while searching for material because for real i havent done this in a bit i lost my place in the threads